Revisiting Here

I started this blog over a year ago – made a couple of posts and then promptly forgot about it.  How’s that for dedication and stick-to-itness?  Actually, I just got too busy with my  job and my other job – things just kind of burst forward at warp speed – I forgot about this.

Exciting news is that I signed a contract last month with Wiley Publishing to author the “WordPress for Dummies” book.   They have me on a pretty rigid writing schedule that has me 100% finished with the book by April with a release date anticipated for August 2007.  I’m pretty jazzed about this and have made much progress so far.

The book will be covering the three main aspects of WordPress:

  • The hosted version at
  • The self-hosted, self-installed version of WordPress
  • WordPress MU (Multiple User)

So far, I have the introduction, the final table of contents and one chapter completed.  It’s moving along pretty smoothly, so far – and I think it will go along pretty nicely until I get to the MU portion – – then watch me sweat.  Heh.  There’s just such an abundance of information related to the use of WordPress, my fear is being too wordy – so I’m trying to pare it down to a logical presentation of very pertinent information and go from there.

In every ‘for Dummies’ book, in the end of the books, there is always what they call the ‘Chapter of Tens” which includes lists of top ten .. stuff.  In this case, I’m including the top ten WordPress plugins, top ten WordPress Themes (free themes that are made available for download to the WP public), top ten WordPress blogs – with a focus on sites that use WP in very innovative and inspiring ways (i.e. not ‘out of the box’ type stuff) and top ten WordPress resources on the web (excluding the usual Codex, Support Forums, etc that will be included in earlier chapters about WordPress documentation,  itself.)

I’m thinking of doing posts later in the process to gain some feedback from WP users on their favorite plugins, themes and resources – though, I do already have ideas of my own on where users can find these things.  Lorelle will surely make it in the top ten resources, Alex offered a phone chat with me to discuss some of his more popular and useful plugins and as for themes… there are so many great ones to choose from, I will need to spend some serious time going through them all to choose a list of tens for the theme chapter.

I posted about the book deal on my personal blog when I was finally able to make the announcement after the ink was dry on the contract.  The folks at Wiley have been great so far – – very helpful and encouraging. 

I did start a companion blog for the book.  It’s a protected blog, for now.  Mostly I’m using it to organize myself, keep notes, lists, things to do.. etc, etc.  I’ve protected the blog because it does contain information on the books content – chapters, content, text, etc that I don’t think the publishers really want published publicly, at least until the book is released.  Maybe I’ll be able to open it to the public at that time – and perhaps, by then, the blog will be an interesting conversation with myself on the whole process of writing the book – who knows?  Or, when all is said and done – I just back it up, archive it on my local machine and dump it – time will tell.

As for this blog – I’d like to start using it again to keep design notes on things I find, resources, inspirations, etc – so hopefully this time I won’t forget that it’s here!  Heh.

 Happy New Year!


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