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WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition

WordPress For Dummies was published in November 2007.  It covers WordPress.Com, WordPress.Org (up to version 2.3.3) and WordPress MU.  WordPress For Dummies remains in the Top 5 books on Blogging at and continues to sell at an amazing rate!

In March, 2008, WordPress released version 2.5 – which was quickly followed by version 2.5.1.  Along with that, WordPress.Com received quite an upgrade, as well!  Version 2.6 is anticipated for a July/August release.

This put us (myself and Wiley Publishing) in a quandary about the book.  The 2.5 release brought with it some pretty major changes that rendered the first edition of WordPress For Dummies outdated.  The first release still covers all the basics – – many of the options, settings and instructions are still 98% relevant – however, the look and feel of WordPress has changed so drastically.  The screenshots in the first edition are relevant to version 2.3.3 – which is quite a bit different than how the WordPress Dashboard looks in 2.5.x – – which may confuse a lot of new users.  They may be using version 2.5, and if they are looking at the first edition of WordPress For Dummies – they may think they are using completely different software!

Wiley Publishing decided it was time for the second edition of WordPress For Dummies – which I am currently in the midst of writing and is due to be published in Fall ’08.

The book will be a little bit different this time around.  In the first edition, I covered all three versions of WordPress:  the hosted version of, the self-hosted version of and the Multi-user version of WordPress MU.  It also covered basic information on plugins and themes.

This time around, I am concentrating only on and  WordPress MU will not be covered in the second edition to make room for more in-depth information about themes, CSS, design and plugins.

I’m really excited to be involved in this project and looking forward to the release of WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition!


WordPress for Dummies: WordPress MU

I have one day left to finish up the WordPress for Dummies book!  On one hand, it seems like I’ve been working on this project forever!  On the other hand, it seems like just yesterday that I signed the Contract with Wiley Publishing.  Wow!

I had the fortunate opportunity today to conduct and interview with Andrew Billits of WPMUDev.Org on his involvement with WordPress MU.  The interview will appear in the book.  Andrew provided a fantastic ‘real world’ perspective on the pros, cons and challenges you face when running a WordPress MU blogging community.  Thanks, Andrew!

The book covers the 3 major ‘flavors’ of WordPress:  .Com, .Org and MU.  I’m so excited to be wrapping up this project – and even more excited to see it finally published this summer!

1 month countdown

One month to go until my final book deadline.  Can she do it?

 A better question is – can she do it without developing an ulcer?

Time will tell.